Company History

Wyetech Labs was started by Roger Hebert in 1996 after several years of prior research into tube design and circuit topology. What started out as a hobby and quest for knowledge ended up as a relentless almost obsessive pursuit to reach perfection in sound amplification. It was a time when the underground fringe was pursuing the artisan and the single-ended phenomena in their search for better sound that Roger decided to find out what all the fuss was about. A single ended very small amplifier was built using triode tubes that put out only a few watts as the first experiment. Using a pair of output transformers formerly found in vintage tube radios and bought from a surplus warehouse, the amplifier was quickly built with only 2 triodes per channel.

Well it changed the course of Roger's thinking the moment he powered it up and began to listen to it. It was a shock to him upon hearing the pleasure of listening to music through this amplifier. From a technical point of view, the bandwidth was limited by the small output transformers used that weighed only 14 ounces. Even with these obvious limitations It became very clear to Roger, at this time, that the road to perfection was down the single-ended lane way. After building dozens of push-pull tube amplifiers in his research of various types of circuits, he was now focused and realized that the most effective road to perfection was in the simplified circuit topology of single ended circuits.

He also was aware of the reason for single ended amplifiers generally being branded as having poor low frequency response. The designs that he investigated had two common design weaknesses. The first problem is that they were not using enough iron in their transformers. They are sacrificing the low frequencies in order to attain an extended frequency response of 50 kHz or beyond. We have chosen to ignore this golden rule of the technocrats and believe that a response that starts to fall off at 25 kHz is all that is required to get the best sound possible from single ended tube amplifiers. This has allowed us to use much heavier output transformers that have extremely good low frequency response to 20 Hz. This is usually the first thing noticed by people when listening to Wyetech amplifiers. The other reason that effects the other designs is the use of low value coupling capacitors which diminishes the low frequency response even more. The reason being that the resistance to the signal going through a capacitor increases as you decrease the frequency. Wyetech amplifiers use between ten to twenty times the capacitance value found in other coupling stages. This makes for a frequency response as flat as possible between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Of course these design decisions have added to the cost of our amplifiers because we refuse to cut corners in any of our designs!

Albert Einstein's famous quotation is the practice that Wyetech Labs follows… That things should be as simple as is possible, but no simpler. Wyetech Labs is a firm believer that the best sounding tube amplification will always be single-ended due to the simplicity and inherently pure class A operation.

Wyetech Labs is operated as a family run business with a credo that our most important product is our customer, without whom we would cease to exist. We have substantial sub-contractors that work from our designs to construct the chassis, to paint and silk screen them, to do polishing and electro-plating and to do printed circuit boards. We do however assemble and solder all components on our PCB's in house.

All assembly and final checkout is done by us as well as lengthy burn-in and listening test to each product built. We build premium products one at a time and take great pride in our craftsmanship. Our warranty is the best in the business and is a direct result of building products that defy the obsolescence of most of the world's goods today.