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Pricing for in stock items - historical pricing for discontinued or out of stock items are on the respective product pages.

Canadian dollar pricing is only available to Canadian residents. Prices are exclusive of GST / HST.

United States residents - tax free entry under USMCA.

Stock clearance sale pricing

Note that due to the passing of Roger Hebert, we are no longer able to offer warranty coverage going forward. The sale price has been adjusted accordingly to clear out the remaining stock.

Sales made previous to January 2022 will have the waranty coverage period honoured.

Items on sale have the original list price marked in strikethrough, with sale price listed after. Example: $10,000 $5,000



Product Price (USD) Price (CAD)
Ruby STD Line stage preamplifier $ 12,000
$ 4,175
$ 15,500
$ 5,650

Accessories / Other

Product Price (USD) Price (CAD)
Model M-500 power level meter $ 600 $ 825
Topaz 6BX7 to 12B4A Adapter Accessories $ 435 $ 600

We also have large quantities of vacuum tubes available.