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Wyetech Labs products are designed to satisfy the needs of the ardent music lover as well as the demanding audiophile, and for this reason we have devoted much effort to achieve the highest quality in each product category. To achieve this we have concentrated on the following objectives:

Musical Accuracy

The principal objective in all our models is to obtain the lowest possible distortion. We do this by using the most linear active devices, namely pure triode vacuum tubes. We strive for perfection in delivery that provides the correct tone, timbre, dynamics, air, resolution and detail which establishes the solid image structure that is necessary to capture and recreate the ambience and subtleties of the original recording.


The product must not only be faithful to the music but must be built in a manner that places the highest regard for reliability and longevity. Unlike other products we give extended warranties because we don't build for obsolescence, but for the ongoing pleasure that is derived from owning and keeping our products. Our goal in this regard, is to build components that will become heirlooms of classic enduring design.


Form and function are very important for the ongoing pleasure in use and in listening to audio equipment. We listen to the demands of customers and build in the controls and functions that music lovers deem the most important. We believe that the simplest circuits work best together with the shortest signal path. That is why our products to date have used single-ended class A circuitry. We select our components with the utmost care such that they meet these objectives. We design power supplies to the highest standards so as to deliver power and not add distortion and anomalies to the signal. And sometimes we deliberately omit functions that we feel have a detrimental effect on the music or increase the cost significantly resulting in diminished eminence. Most people would agree that the disappearance of tone controls in modern equipment is a good thing. What most people don't realize, however, is why we have omitted remote control functions in our products. They simply add unnecessary complexity to the circuitry, which in turn creates negative effects upon the sound quality, especially in regards to the volume control.


We expend a lot of attention to small details. Our chrome plating is polished to a mirror finish that is rarely seen on other products. Our controls have silk screen markings for each stepped position to allow exact volume, balance and gain settings on a repeatable basis. We use stainless steel and non magnetic alloys for all our screws, nuts and fasteners. Our chosen lavender colors enhance the beauty and artistry of our products. That is what distinguishes us apart from the mass market look alike crowd.