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Stereo amplifier
Topaz 211C stereo amplifier
Product Status

Circuit Description

1st & 2nd Stage

The 1st stage is the voltage gain followed by the 2nd stage driver. We are now using Teflon capacitors for the signal transfer.

Output Stage

Single ended and self-biased the 211’s drive the refined double C core Bartolucci transformers with an improved low frequency response and theoretically lower distortion. Individual selection of speaker load impedance (4 + 8 Ohm) is accomplished via dual contact high current switches. (40 ampere rating)

All Stages

Operate in class "A1" single ended. adjustments (tweeks can swap valves without consequence) < ZERO FEEDBACK > No LOCAL or GLOBAL FEEDBACK of any kind!

Upgraded with all Teflon signal capacitors for the ultimate in performance and reliability

Power Supplies

  • Dual output winding toroidal power transformer for 211 filaments is full wave rectified and DC filtered separately for each channel providing superior performance without the need for elaborate test equipment to balance out AC ripple and modulation effects which normally occurs when using AC current!
  • Separate power transformers and filters provide total isolation between the INPUT and OUTPUT stages. The INPUT High Voltage power supply (+450V) uses a TRIPLE Π L.C. filter network to obtain complete immunity from power supply induced signal aberrations. The 1st stage is further isolated from the 2nd stage using an RC filter network. Two power transformers are used in the output power supply to further reduce mechanical vibration. The OUTPUT High Voltage power supply (+1200V) uses a current surge limiter and a dual full wave rectifier configuration feeding a TRIPLE Π L.C. filter network for excellent regulation as well as superb ripple and noise rejection!
  • Seven large chokes and ten large polypropylene capacitors are used in the two high voltage power supplies which makes this a " PURIST POWER SOURCE " of the highest caliber!

Mechanical Construction

  • Extremely rugged (12 gauge) all welded steel chassis was implemented to further reduce any possibility of vibration induced signal aberrations.
  • Very high quality pearl enamel baked on finish to further enhance the artistry.
  • Rugged solid brass handles with nickel finish are implemented for ease of handling.
  • A fine mesh screen covers the high voltage transformers and chokes.
  • Tubes are left uncovered to enhance the visual arts.

Circuit Boards

PCB's using precision double turret terminal posts

Our fixed terminal hand crafted printed circuit boards are a new technology used in construction and is a first in the industry. Again Wyetech Labs is at the forefront and is always looking for ways to improve reliability and construction.

Some of the components are mounted on double turret terminal post, especially the power resistors, which improve the heat flow. These boards are then held elevated from the surrounding metal chassis to avoid any capacitive coupling between components.

The double turret terminal post are first swaged to the printed circuit board and soldered into place. After that the boards are then hand assembled with parts soldered to these terminal post using silver based solder. For wiring to and from the boards Weco screw down terminal connectors are used to make connections between the various components and to facilitate easier replacement of parts for future reparability and long service life. This technique will result in much faster trouble shooting and repair in the event of any failure requiring servicing.

Auto Sequencing

Power on cycle completes in 60 seconds

Three time-delay relays provide proper power sequencing for stabilized circuitry before use and to provide extended tube life.

Standby Sequence 1:

Allows filaments to reach operating temperature before applying high voltage. Can also be invoked manually via the POWER SWITCH.

Power Sequence 2:

Applies high voltage to input stages and allows circuit elements to stabilize before next sequence.(Red LED lights).

Power Sequence 3:

Applies high voltage to output stage. (Green LED lights – Red LED turns off).

Power Sequence 4:

A few seconds later the auto-mute is disengaged, completing the turn-on sequence.

Power Switch Settings

A 3 position toggle provides the following functions:

  • TOP - ON ( auto-sequencing )
  • BOTTOM - STANDBY ( sequence 1 only )


Tube Complement

  • 1 6SN7WGTA octal base dual triode NOS
  • 2 12B4A NOS single triodes and adapter with teflon sockets
  • 2 211 VT-4C 4 pin base large triode (Premium NPS Valve Art)

Frequency Response

reference to a 1 kilohertz sine wave at 10 watt RMS/8 Ohm output

+/- 1 dB .... 20 Hz to 22 KHz

Input Impedance

50 kω

Absolute Phase



27 db (0.55vrms maximum for full output)

Power Output

18 watts rms

Dynamic Headroom

music peaks up to 40 watts

Noise & distortion

below audibility

Stage Width

wide open

Stage Depth

exceptional layering

Perceived Sound Field

precise imaging


crystal clear

Power Consumption

300 watts continuous


Net: 106 lbs (48 kg)

Shipping: 125 lbs (57 kg)


16 in. W x 22 in. L x 10in. H


The Inner Ear Report

Vol. 17, #2 (2006) - Reviewed by Ernie Fisher

…the Topaz completes frequency extremes—the highs and the lows—with unwavering firmness, but without diminishing the all-round musical glow.

…this new Topaz offers that crucial musical quality that touches the soul and pro­vides listeners with a truly outstanding sonic experience.

Review Download


Limited Warranty

Tubes: 1 year parts

Components: 5 years parts & labor

Price (USD)
$ 9,800
Price (CAD)
$ 13,000