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Wyetech Labs is proud to announce our new Ruby reference series of products. The series includes the Ruby P1 phono amp, the Ruby STD line stage and the Ruby XR 300B single-ended triode Monoblock Amplifier.

The Ruby XR 300B single-ended triode monoblock amplifiers are custom built to order with several options available uniquely distinguishing each as a hand crafted heritage bespoke state of the nouveau art.

These products have been designed to reach the highest level of sound reproduction and to compete with the best Worldwide components regardless of price.

Much thought went into the design of each component to insure the ergonomics, ease of operation and long term reliability. These are our statement products that we think will eventually become known as the state of the present art today and for at least the next 15 years.

Like our first products, the Opal linestage and the Topaz amplifier that still compete in today's market after more than 15 years for their exquisite sound performance.

The Ruby P1 phono stage preamplifier is capable of operating with any moving magnet or moving coil cartridge in the world and is dead quiet, up to and including its use at the 80 dB gain setting.

The Ruby STD line stage preamplifier with its one megahertz bandwidth easily outperforms all tube preamps. Very few solid state line stages can match the STD, let alone surpass it, at any price.

The Ruby XR 300B single-ended triode monoblock amplifiers have raised the bar in the 300B tube market with its patent pending new output circuitry that magnifies the intrinsic gain of the the 300B output stage by a factor of four. Best of all manufacturers have and are coming out with new 300B tubes that are surpassing the sound of the original well known Western Electric 300B.

Our first customer with a complete Ruby LP amplification system has aptly named it the Wyetech Ruby Grand Slam! See more in our customer comments page.