"RUBY" P-1 Phono Amplifier

bullet HIGH END AUDIO - DEC - 2017

by Arthur Salvatore ... The Wyetech Ruby is the finest solid-state phono stage I have ever heard.... It is very fast, detailed, clean, quiet and neutral

bullet AVSHOWROOMS review - 11-15-2012

........... has created what may be the world's finest phono stage.... The 3D effect is extraordinary with this unit- almost tube like without the noise and with the frequency response that only SS can provide..... The hallmark of the Ruby is its low noise floor, it is DEAD quiet............

bullet AVSHOWROOMS GOLD award - 01-31-2013

The GOLD award is given once a year to the best products in its price vs performance. This year three products were chosen for the award

Best of 2012 - Gold Sound Award - Wyetech Ruby P1 Phono for 'Outstanding Achievement'

bullet The AUDIO BEAT - AUG 11 - 2014

by Ken Choi... This black background was not dead space but a living, breathing entity -- the recording venue itself.



Type in page 72 in the window for the Ruby review titled

"... A Touch of Royalty ..."

"... This is a very special preamplifier, offering performance rivaling the world's finest ..."

" ... In the context of the four different systems at my disposal...... the main characteristics of the Ruby that came through loud and clear.... were this preamplifiers spectacular bass drive, extension and control along with an incredibly deep soundstage ... "

" ... Of the preamplifiers in my collection, I`d compare it the most closely to the $33,000 Koda K-10, with an almost absence of `sound` but with a few drops more of tonal saturation... "


- P.S. The Ruby STD has just received the TONE Audio 2015 Publishers Choice Awards

bullet TONE AUDIO 2015 AWARDS for the RUBY STD

bullet THE AUDIO BEAT [The P1 and STD were combined in one review ] - AUG 11 - 2014

"... the Ruby STD presented music with complete and complex tonal and harmonic structures, and an organic (i.e., non mechanical) sense of flow ......The sound was anything but retro, though, being characterized by tremendous clarity, speed, and detail accompanied by an almost total absence of a noise floor.... " - Ken Choi


"... the WYETECH RUBY STD is a hidden treasure for the analog music lover ..." - Joey Weiss

TOPAZ 211C amplifier

bullet The Inner Ear Report - Volume 17, # 2 (2006)

"... Topaz offers that crucial musical quality that touches the soul ..." - Ernie Fisher

TOPAZ 211A amplifier

bullet The Inner Ear Report - Volume 9, # 1 (1996)

"... represents a masterpiece of classic vacuum tube design ..." - Ernie Fisher

Please note that this link is no longer valid due to the ownership change in the magazine and their new website no longer has it posted for retrieval

bullet Audio - March 1999 issue

Bascom H. King does a Playback mini-review of the Topaz 211A, using the Tannoy Churchill speakers, and gives the Topaz a grade of A+.

bullet The Audiophile Voice - Volume 4, Issue 1

Peter Breuninger compares the Topaz against the Cary 805-C, using a Yin and Yang of description both amplifiers.

bullet SoundStage! - home audio equipment review by Doug Schneider - Feb. 2000.

Doug does comparisons between the Topaz 211 and the Blue Circle BC2 amplifier and likes the way the Topaz plays music with an almost uncanny sense of realism.

TOPAZ 572B amplifier

bullet SoundStage - July 2003 review by Marc Mickelson

bullet The Inner Ear Report - Volume 13, # 2 (2001)

"...the Topaz's bass resolution is comparable to the best solid state devices currently on the market..." - Ernie Fisher

bullet The Absolute Sound - reviewed by Scot Markwell, issue 129 (April/May 2001)

Scot sums up the review by proclaiming the topaz to be the best in its class of Single-Ended Triode amplification, and proclaiming it "King of the Hill".

Download this ISSUE from The Absolute Sound at TAS ISSUE 129

TOPAZ 572M monoblock amplifiers

bullet The Inner Ear Report - Volume 12, # 2 (2000)

"...the Topaz amps are closer to the 'real thing', the music, than any other amplifiers we have auditioned..." - Ernie Fisher

ONYX monoblock amplifiers

bullet Positive Feedback - Online Issue 21

"...At first I was concerned that the Onyx's 13 watts would have a hard time driving my Dali Euphonia MS-4s. but .. In fact, these amplifiers rocked, and rocked hard! ..... they sound anything but small...".... Francisco Duran

bullet Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - December 2004

"... the monotone coloration I once suffered through while auditioning $18,000 single-ended triodes [ which SET amp ? - see review ] was thankfully nowhere in evidence....."... Jason Victor Serinus

bullet The Absolute Sound - reviewed by Dan Davis, issue 132 (Oct/Nov 2001).

"...defies expectations."

"... exhibits far more muscle than others of its breed..."

Download this ISSUE from The Absolute Sound at TAS issue 132

bullet The Inner Ear Report - Volume 13, # 4 (2001)

"The amplifiers dynamics are not good, not even very good, they are excellent." - Ernie Fisher

bullet SoundStage! - home audio equipment review by John Potis - September 2001.

"No matter what I threw at the Onyx amplifiers, they almost always sounded robust and in total control."

SAPPHIRE 300B monoblock amplifiers

bullet - Sept 2004

"...the real beauty of their designs goes far beyond surface considerations."

"...Forget everything you think you know about 300Bs"

Recipient of the Blue Moon Award for " Genre-Defying Articulation, Linearity & Musical Honesty" in the SET 300B amplifier category

bullet The Inner Ear Report - Volume 16, # 2 (2004)

"... Unlike most 300B..amplifiers, ... bass finished with authority and muscle... As expected, the highs were ...: smooth, harmonious, lush and exquisitely textured... "...Ernie Fisher

bullet The Absolute Sound - - Issue 159 (Page 99, February 2006)

Sapphire 300B receives the GOLDEN EAR AWARD from Harry Pearson's WORKSHOP

"...The star performer so far, and one of the best sounding amplifier of any tubed provenance, is the Wyetech, which has a simply phenomenal bottom end--taut, articulate and dynamic ...--and an airy,uncolored top octave..."

OPAL preamplifier

bullet The Absolute Sound - issue 143 (August/September 2003).

HP'S Super Components List Part II included the Opal in its list.

"...The Opal is one of those audio fascinations that come down the turnpike every few years. It sounds quite unlike any of the other the line stages I rounded up for that massive comparison."

bullet The Absolute Sound - issue 137 (August/September 2002).

HP'S Choice: Line Stages included the Opal in its list.

"...I did not anticipate that the two-piece Opal would be the masterpiece it is."

"...... uncannily transparent ... downright supernatural ... seductive to listen too..."

bullet The Absolute Sound - reviewed by Dan Davis, issue 127 (Dec 2000).

Reading this review leaves no doubt that Dan was deeply impressed with the Opal's admirable sound qualities. We are proud to say that Dan whispered to us that a gang of Mounties couldn't pull the Opal away from his grasp, and that he preferred to buy it from us than give it back.

bullet The Inner Ear Report - Volume 10, # 2 (1997)

"...this preamp simply provides better sound than any other units we have auditioned – bar none..." - Ernie Fisher

JADE preamplifier

bulletBound For Sound - Issue # 187 July 2008

Martin G. DeWulf compares three preamplifiers

...... I believe this preamp's greatest and most formidable asset may be its ability to portray the aural contexts of a performance, especially live performances, at arm's length; all without sacrificing the emotive mix required to mesh music with realism.

bullet 6moons! - Srajan Ebaen reviews the recently acquired JADE line stage - July. 2006.

Srajan states " ..... let's be content to say that preceding the Yamamoto with the Jade seems to benefit dynamic range as well "

bullet The Inner Ear Report - Volume 12, # 1 (1999)

"...the makeup of the Jade closely resembles that of the Opal in all attributes..." - Ernie Fisher

bullet SoundStage! - home audio equipment review by Jeff Fritz - Nov. 1999.

Jeff found a lot to like about the jade and concluded it to be well executed in all areas and a contender for all systems and was especially surprised at the low noise level.

bulletAbsolute Sound reviewed by Scot Markwell on the AVGuide website in April, 2002

Scot thought the Jade to be one of the finest line stages he has ever heard in his system. he assessed it as being ultra quiet, extremely dynamic and uncompromised in presentation giving a clean and neutral tonal balance.

CORAL preamplifier

bullet - July 2004 ) reviewed by Srajan Ebaen

"....Even in its high-gain setting, the Coral via my 103dB Avantgardes was very quiet.... "

"....Everything about Wyetech screams value and rock-solid engineering...."

"....surround the Coral with transistors fore and aft and you might be in heaven.... "

"....There is no $2,000 preamp on the market I'm familiar with that comes even close to matching its mindboggling bandwidth.... "

bullet The Inner Ear Report - Volume 15, # 3 (2003)

"....Highs are sweet, transparent and unimpeded...."

"....Midrange information is clear of sonic impurities and allows listeners to hear musical subtleties, delicate inner detail and resolution. ...."

"....The Coral offers tight, fast and resolute bass.... It's powerful, full-bodied ...."

"....we feel that the Coral will function quite satisfactorily with high-end systems, ...without imposing its own signature...the price/performance ratio is exceptionally high...."

bullet Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, February 2004

"It is liquid, smooth, and consistently musical."

PEARL preamplifier

bullet The Inner Ear - Volume 16, # 4 (2005)

"...the Pearl/Sapphire system left all of our listening panel in awe ............[ Pearl ] exhibits an almost identical sonic signature to the Opal ..." - Ernie Fisher

bullet, November 2004

"... Anyone can hear this concretization of space or dimensional holography that differentiates the tubed Pearl becomes audible and as such, enters into the aural equation in a way that was unequivocally missing before...." by Srajan Ebaen

bullet Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, June 2004

"My initial reaction to the Pearl mirrors what I felt when I first heard the Opal. What a beautiful sound this line stage has."

Positive Feedback Online --PFO-- Decamber 20, 2004

Gives WRITERS CHOICE AWARD for the Pearl line stage preamp

bullet Positive Feedback - Online Issue 21

The Wyetech Pearl - a search for the "right" preamplifier, Part 2
by Brad Morrical