Wyetech Labs is a factory direct seller of premium tube amplifiers. We operate this way to keep prices low and quality high. Since our products are all hand made and assembled our production is very limited. We are not a mass mechandiser.

This results in eliminating the normal distributor & dealer markups, as well as lowering our other marketing cost significantly. We rely on word of mouth and honest reviews from magazines that receive at best minimal advertising revenue from us.

Wyetech Labs has and will continue to solicit reviews from those people and magazines whom we feel to be worthy of such endeavors and competent in their ability to do so.

This policy was established by Wyetech Labs because our products are hand built in limited quantities that is not conducive to forming a large number of dealerships. It also reflects our opinion that most present dealers are not capable of representing us to our satisfaction. In general they are distracted by having companies products that are heavily advertised and generously reviewed in those same venues

As a result of our direct sale prices our customers can rest assured that they are paying the same fair market price that everyone else is and that it will retain it's value over the years. Like a vintage wine, a Wyetech product as time evolves, becomes a classic heritage component you can be proud of owning.