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Thanks for the hospitality

Hello Roger,

I wish to express my gratitude for the warm hospitality received and musical entertainment at your home last Friday evening. It was a pleasure meeting you, auditioning Wyetech Labs equipment and discussing the facts and fiction of the current audio industry. Your equipment is a pleasure to behold and I'm certain an even greater pleasure to own. In comparison, I can never recall listening to music sounding so realistic and dynamic through a transistorized amplification chain. Previous listening experiences via push-pull vacuum tubes was pleasurable but nothing near what I heard last Friday!

It's time for the Xxxx Xxxxxxxx gear to hit the want-ads!


Stephen C.
Ottawa, Canada
May 22, 2003

Coral preamp

Product(s): Coral


I have opened up and worked on a whole lot of equipment over the last 20 years or so. I have to say the Coral is absolutely stunningly executed inside. Circuit board and all. The Jade and Opal are, of course, great as well, but your circuit board execution and the way you tie to it and the stainless steel hardware and the case construction, man, I just wanted to compliment you on yet another superb product. The sound is great as well. We have got to get your stuff more recognition somehow!

Marc Rusch
North Country Audio
December 4, 2002

Opal and Topaz 572B

Product(s): Opal, Topaz 572B

Hello Roger,

I just wanted to let you know that, after living with them for the last few months, the Opal and Topaz 572B are truly the most amazing components. Hooked up to the Brentworth threes, they give the most believable presentation with well-recorded sound that I have ever heard. To my knowledge, no other system gets the attack, sustain, release, delay thing as well as this -- not to mention harmonic follow-through, timbral accuracy, bloom, whatever. Imaging is fantastic. I've been auditioning CD players and vinyl playback gear and usually find the demo systems so lacking that I can't wait to get back home and hear my own. On top of the sound, it’s been a pleasure dealing with you and Vladimir. Great job. Keep up the good work. Thanks for being there.

Jerry M.
January, 2002
New York, USA

your components are masterpieces

Product(s): Topaz 211A, Opal


I think the time has come to make my first meaningful assessment of my new system. One word: astounding. Better yet, no need for word(s). It was pretty tedious to try to make so many comparisons as I did a wholesale upgrade of every component and wiring. Topaz-Opal versus Cary integrated; Meridian 508.24 CDP versus the Audio Aero Capitole 24/192; VSM versus Fried Studio V. Then, a whole lot of mixing and matching and A/B comparisons. Had my wife help me out; it drove her nuts. I also had her play some cello suites right in the living room too. A seventeenth century Jacques Bouquet cello versus Wyetech+Audio Aero+Merlin+Nirvana.

The bottom line: your components are basically masterpieces. I'm not trying to falsely justify the large amount I spent but the Topaz-Opal are truly exceptional. My wife gave me a hard time to justify my investment, but she herself is convinced -- the return is there for her hearing. She tried to bash me with her cello (she was a former professional cellist) but the Topaz-Opal kept their ground. She's almost in tears when she listens to Rostropovich manhandling his cello in Bach's cello suites (EMI CD) performed in a cathedral in France via Topaz-Opal. The Cary somewhat muffled the distinctive echoing of the venue, and the "woodiness" of the cello was also too "thick" with the Cary. With the Topaz-Opal, it was so natural and "right" -- the clarity of the echoing, the "woodiness" of the instrument, the extreme accuracy of location (you can so clearly "see" how Rostropovich is turning his cello to the side, his body swinging left and right as he mesmerises the listener with his cello).

Whether the speakers were Merlin or Fried, the Topaz-Opal allowed me to know who was running the show. No exaggerated sweetness and bloom, just so correct and right and very refreshing. It's like a perfect jug of German draft beer chilled to 6.5 degrees centigrade -- too good for words; you just have to feel it.

Things were initially thin sounding -- not to mention how the cables were somewhat forward -- but everything now seems to fall in place. The system has sprung to life with bloom and body. The most spectacular thing I noticed is how the Topaz-Opal imaged in space. Not one bit of image-wonder. Focus was incredible and delineation was razor sharp but not in isolation -- the Cary sometimes made a blob out of separate instruments and I guess these separate blobs integrated to give it a sweet sounding character. With Wyetech, the separation was there but the integration was what makes it so special -- I can't quite seem to put it in words except to say it is natural and correct.

And the lower registers. I was previously quite content with the "heavier" (and lazier?) sounding bass of the Cary but the Wyetechs are giving me something extra special: clear, tight and snappy lower registers. It's just so tidy and yet it delivers the punch (killer blow) in such a civilised and luxurious manner.

Kwang-Ho (Kenny) K.
September, 2001
South Korea